Owner Andarius68
Status online
Players 0/25
Version 1.13.2
Rank 1
Votes 31
Uptime 98.4%
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Country United States
Types MCMMOSurvivalEconomyRoleplay

Hy-Brasil is an adult owned, community based server with an open world loaded with play style options. Using your Minecraft Java Edition client with the 1.13.2 version loaded you can connect and explore a world with lots of possibilities. We are an RPG server with plugins which modify the game's behavior from the typical, vanilla Minecraft. You can establish a town of your own or join someone else's town to give protection to your builds and your possessions. You can get paid in credits (in game currency) for killing monsters which will allow you to buy more town plots and grow your town or to purchase other things to help you on your way. There are new skills to learn which will unlock new abilities provided by the mcMMO plugin. We have interactive, GUI menus and custom server music available in game as well. Our story lines are a mix of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Ancient Lore with touches of esoteric mysticism as well. You will find a unique community at Hy-Brasil. Maybe it's a community for you?

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On old Earth, generations ago on an island some knew as √Čire legends were told of another mythical island which, like a phantom, was cloaked in mists off the western shore and only visible once every seven Earth years but even then could never be reached. This is why, the first space faring vessels who arrived here carrying human refugees fleeing the tyranny of the Terran Cyberocracy called this planet...